Tips for Giving Back

Tips for Giving Back


One purpose in creating the Café 26 website was to promote the concept of global citizenship, and to create awareness and support of the ways to build peaceful and joyful lives for all of us in our global village.


Being a global citizen means reaching across borders to hold hands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters. Each of us, wherever we find ourselves, can do our small part towards realizing human rights and fundamental freedoms on a greater scale worldwide.


The concept of global citizenship and social justice both center on deep respect and a sense of stewardship and compassion towards all members of our global village.


What follows are some tips for teachers, which may also be useful for individuals and families who wish to use their skills and interests to support poverty-alleviating and/or peace-building projects in their local community or at a global level.


Tips for Teachers:


Are you considering a community service learning project to complement and enhance the curriculum in your classroom?


If so, here are a few tips:


1. Let the students guide the project as much as possible. Build on their interests and suggestions. In this way, their "ownership" of the project will be greater, as well as their benefit from it.


2. Working from your curriculum, make connections to it by looking at your local or global community to identify concerns and needs. This will enable your students to expand their problem-solving skills while gaining understanding and empathy.


3. Projects need not be large fund-raisers. For example, singing at a home for the elderly or writing letters to a "sister" class are excellent friendship-building activities.


4. Things to look for in an organization/project include overall impact of the activity, and making sure that you avoid situations of interference. Projects should be chosen with the view of expanding the general level of friendship and understanding.


5. Once you have picked the focus of your activity, make sure you research the organization. If possible, get references and visit the location ahead of time.


6. Don't forget to get feedback from the cooperating group and your students after the activity is completed so to better guide your future community service learning projects.


Building Peace and Friendship

Did you know....

  • More than half of the world's children live bellow the international poverty line of $2 a day and suffer from violations of ther basic human rights. (UNICEF, 2012)
  • 67 million children are out of school. If current trends continue, this number will increase by 2015. (UNICEF, 2011)
  • About one out of six adults lacks basic literacy skills. (UNESCO, 2012)


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