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Café 26 Kids:




Free Rice

Help end hunger by playing games! Every right answer helps fund the WFP (World Food Program).



Play fun games at the UNICEF website.


UNICEF Trick-or-Treat

Information on how to trick-or-treat for UNICEF.


National Geographic Kids

Lots of cool facts, videos and games.


Youtube Videos:


MC Yoga- Be the Change (The Story of Mahatma Gandhi)


Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)


Michael Jackson- Hold My Hand Duet ft. Akone


Kids, please check with your parent/teacher/caregiver before visiting any site on the web!


Building Peace and Friendship

Did you know....

  • More than half of the world's children live bellow the international poverty line of $2 a day and suffer from violations of ther basic human rights. (UNICEF, 2012)
  • 67 million children are out of school. If current trends continue, this number will increase by 2015. (UNICEF, 2011)
  • About one out of six adults lacks basic literacy skills. (UNESCO, 2012)


Plan your own Green Scarf Party!

People wear green scarves to show their support of social change worldwide. Plan your own green scarf party with friends.